On the CD that accompanied these instructions are two folders, 1) Net 2.0 and 2) Release.


1)  This application requires the Microsoft .Net 2.0 framework to run.  In the Net 2.0 directory is the setup for .Net 2.0.  Double click on dotnetfx.exe and follow the instructions.  If the framework is already installed you will see a dialog box with two options, Repair and Uninstall.  If you see this just click Cancel, Yes, you want to quit and Finish.


2)  After .Net 2.0 is installed on the workstation where the survey will run, go into the Release directory on the CD and double click on Setup.exe.  Choose 'For this user', and then click ok.  This will install the PK Survey Reader.  When it has completed installing an icon will be placed on the desktop that will open the folder where the application resides.


Internet download


1)       In an internet browser, go to

2)       Follow the dialogs for installing the application.


PK Survey Reader


The following instruction will guide you though running a survey using the PK Survey Reader.


1.  The first two items that must be set is the directory where the script and data files will reside and the Facility ID where the survey will be taken.  When you first run the PK Survey Reader it will inform you to set the data path for this application:


·                     'Before using this application, please enter the path where all the data will be placed.'


Click ok at this dialog box then click on File, Setup, and Set Data Path.  A folders dialog will appear.  Use this dialog to set the path where the script and data will reside.  You can use the 'Make New Folder' to create subdirectory.  The only requirement is that the application has full read/write access to this directory.



If you want to locate the directory you pick for the data, you can go back into the dialog and at the top is 'Current Path' which shows the path.



Now that the data path is set, you need to enter the Facility ID.  To set the Facility ID go to File-Setup-Set Facility ID.  This will bring up the Facility ID dialog.



Then enter in the Facility ID that you were provided in the study documentation.



2.  Next you will need to get the survey script file.  This file defines the survey questions, skips and validation.  There are two methods for choosing a script, 1) From File and 2) From Web.  The preferred method is from the web.  If you ever need to use the From File method separate instructions will be sent with a CD. 



For the From Web method click on File, Setup, Get Survey then From Web.  A dialog box will ask you for the study number.  That number will be located on the study documents. 



If you type in an incorrect study number it will ask you to try again.  If the web service is busy it will return:


·                     Could not get survey file.  Please try again later.


Just wait a couple of moments and try again.


If this is the first time you are downloading a survey for a particular study, if successful you will see:


·                     Survey file received successfully.


If we have asked you to reload a survey (please only do this if instructed) you will see:


·                     Do you want to overwrite survey?


With the old file date stamp and the new file data stamp.  You will want to choose ok.


3.  To run the survey, go to File, Start.  You must then choose the study number from the drop down box, and then you must enter in the tester information using the ‘Tester Info’ link.




After entering in all the tester information, click the ‘Submit’ button.  This will bring you back to the ‘Start’ form. 


NOTE:  Please make a note of the Tester ID in case you need to re-enter this same tester.  If you need to retrieve the same tester, enter in the seven (7) digit ID and click ‘Get Info’ link.  This will display the first and last name.  You can then click the ‘Submit’ button.


  1. Now enter in a serial number of the list of serial number given to you in the study documentation.  Then click Start.




If the survey script does not match the version of the PK Survey Reader you will see the following dialog.


·                     The survey you are trying to run is not compatible with this version of the PK Survey Reader.  Please call support to get the correct version.


This dialog means that the current PK Surver Reader version is incorrect and you will need to call the support number so we can email you the correct version for you to install.


If you want to choose another study, you must click on the New Study link, which is right above the study number drop down box.  Then to File, Start.


There are three dialogs that may be displayed during the survey:


Missing Answer (An answer is required)


·                     The questions with a red mark next to them are required to be answered.


Minimum Answer (A certain number of answers are required)


·                     There must be a minimum of x answers and no more than y for this question.


Constraint (A particular answer is required)


·                     For Question ... One or more of the answers for this question are required to be chosen before you may continue.  Please contact a lab technician to help you with this issue.


At the bottom of each survey page are two buttons.  The first button will allow the tester to continue to the next page, the other button will abort out of the survey back to the Study dialog.  If a tester accidentally clicks the abort button, just enter in the same serial number and click Start.




If you need help, please call our support line at 800.642.3141, and we will be happy to assist you.