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P&Ks Chicago Qualitative Facility has been rebuilt from the ground up. Two complete new focus suites, each with spacious and comfortable viewing rooms, client lounges and work space, check-in areas, available kitchens it has to be seen to be appreciated. Quality suites are also available in P&Ks Dallas, Los Angeles and New York locations.

What Sets P&K Qualitative Apart?

Comprehensive Service

Anything a client or moderator wants and needs for qualitative testing can be found in P&Ks qualitative facilities. The recently built facility in Chicago may be the finest such facility in the Midwest.

There are two completely new focus suites in the Chicago facility (for a total of three). Suite One, able to seat up to twelve respondents, has a large and luxurious three-tiered client viewing room, available kitchen and prep room, and client lounge. Suite Two has two comfortable viewing rooms with floor to ceiling viewing windows to capture every nuance of consumer reaction, as well as an individual client lounge and available kitchen and prep room. Private check-in and waiting rooms serve each suite.

The cutting-edge A/V technology, including ceiling cameras, means capturing everything in Windows media. Are some staff unable to attend? Then P&Ks online streaming video is the answer.

Experience and Expertise

Comprehensive Service

P&K has more than fifty years of experience in helping marketing and R&D professionals make the right decisions. We are pioneers in the field of sensory and marketing research. No one can capture key insights with qualitative research like we can. And with a large consumer database we can pre-recruit the right respondents for every study.

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