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Our Senior Management team is comprised of dedicated marketing and sensory research professionals who are industry experts and thought leaders in all areas of product development research.

Board of Directors

Beverley J. Kroll, Chairman of the Board

Board of Directors

A behavioral scientist, Bev is internationally recognized as an expert in consumer product testing. She was one of the early practitioners of industrial food technology and new product research. Her collaboration with Dr. David Peryam at the Food and Container Institute for the U.S. Army set forth the foundation for many of today’s methods and practices utilized in new product research.

Jeffery J. Kroll, Director

Board of Directors

A highly trained sensory scientist as well as experienced corporate manager, Jeff has played a key role in the development of many of P&K’s information technology innovations since his joining the company in 1982.

Daniel R. Kroll, Director

Board of Directors

Dan has played a key role in the area of database development and the management and expansion of P&K’s extensive testing facilities. He also is a highly skilled sensory scientist trained by Dr. David Peryam, the acknowledged Father of Sensory Science.

Administrative Officers

Dr. Richard Popper, Chief Executive Officer

Richard Popper

Since 1998, Richard has held a number of executive-level positions of increasing responsibility at P&K, where he has had an outstanding track record of success in helping clients grow their business. Prior to joining P&K, Richard held leadership positions at Ocean Spray Cranberries and the U.S. Army Natick R&D Center. Richard is a recognized expert in sensory, consumer and marketing research, has published journal articles and book chapters, and is a leading contributor to a number of professional societies. Richard holds a PhD in Psychology from Columbia University.

Eric Maddux, President

Eric Maddux

Eric joined P&K in 2004 as Vice President of the company’s Healthcare Division and was promoted to CFO in 2008. Prior to joining P&K, Eric was a Director at Levy Restaurants and a consultant to the restaurant industry, including Pleasant Rowland (founder of American Girl). In these roles he provided the operational expertise to ensure the companies ran efficiently and profitably. Eric has a B.S. in Economics from Louisiana State University and an M.B.A. from DePaul University.

John Kiney, Chief Information Officer

John Kiney

John, as Senior Vice President of Information Technology for P&K, is responsible for all aspects of the company’s IT functions. His insight and overall concepts for the company’s IT capabilities have brought P&K into the forefront of research and information acquisition and storage technology.

Client Officers

Mary F. Schraidt, Senior Vice President

Mary Schraidt

Mary has more than 30 years of experience in sensory and marketing research. A sensory industry veteran, Mary is a true expert in the field of consumer research. Her expertise spans countless product categories and consults with many of P&K’s Fortune 100 clients on research methodology and best practices. She has developed many of P&K’s testing protocols. Mary is a graduate of Illinois Benedictine University.

Jeffery Kerr, Senior Vice President – Consumer Research

Jeff Kerr

Jeff joined P&K in 2010 with more than 30 years of experience in marketing research. Having spent more than 20 years with Research International, Jeff has expertise in product testing, concept/product/ in-home research, as well as brand equity, segmentation and concept optimization studies. Jeff holds an MBA from Penn State University.

Nancy Kramer, Vice President – Consumer Research

Nancy Kramer

Nancy is a P&K veteran, with over 15 years of experience working across scores of product categories and research methods. In addition to overseeing P&K’s west coast office, she has particular expertise directing projects with complex study designs and food preparation protocols. Nancy is a graduate of University of Illinois with a degree in Food & Business.