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At the heart of P&Kís data analysis process is the information services group. This group contains a diverse ensemble of skilled professionals who ensure the highest quality and integrity of all P&K study data.

Below is a brief overview of each group within IS that provides world class data handling. These groups include data processing, survey programming, data entry, open end coding and statistical services.

The information services group also provides technical expertise in information technology support and software application development.

Data Processing

At the core of information services is the data processing group. This group is responsible for managing each project from consulting with client services regarding our partnerís needs to generating banner reports. This group has over one hundred years of combined experience in the collection, quality assurance and report generation which makes P&K such a valuable resource to you.

Survey Programming

With the ubiquitous nature of the web, P&K has a dedicated team of survey programmers who convert your survey requirements into online questionnaires. Our software not only allows for the standard monadic type project, but also can provide for sequential monadic design studies.

Data Entry

Though much of the data entry is now done using CAPI (computer assisted personal interviewing), there still is a need for paper questionnaires. Due to this, P&K has a full staff of data entry professionals to ensure that the data is captured in a timely and accurate manner.

Open End Coding

We believe our open end coding team is the best in the industry. They use a propriety open end database with an application to code open ends while the study is still in progress. This is a highly trained group who can extract and then net the essence of the testerís words.

Statistical Services

When additional analysis is required, the data heads to our statistical services team. They not only provide this analysis in both SAS and SPSS, but consult with you to ensure that all of your analytical issues are addressed.